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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sigma Brushes Review - What I Got for Joining Sigma Affiliate Program

Hi everybody, welcome back to my blog!
So this is my first post using english, because this post is intended for global readers, so... Sorry if I have some broken english/grammar ><~

Long short story, few days ago I got a SUPER BIG package from Sigma Beauty! They sent me this huge box as a welcome gift since I already joined Sigma Affiliate Program.

When the ‘mas kurir’ sent me this package, I was like... they really gave me this much brushes!? I’m so so excited because this is my first collaboration with a huge brand and I’m big fan of Sigma’s products for years!

Inside the box, I got complete brushes for personal use along with greeting card and catalogue.

The greeting card was hand written , and somehow I prefer this than the printed one :p
Anw, it’s written by my Sigma’s manager, hi Shai !

First, I got the product catalogue. As you can see, they sell not only brushes but also makeup line <3

I got Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat. and the quality is so good! It is a silicone mat that helps you to wash your brushes.

The cleaning mat has 7 different textures, designated to every size of brushes. Wash your brushes with this mat and Sigmagic Shampoo or any brush shampoo that you have, and they’ll cleanse your brushes without damaging it.

You can buy this mat for $32 or around 450.000 idr.

To the main part, I got 5 individual brushes. They are most popular and best seller brushes that Sigma have!

What I love about this brand are, all brush are hand-crafted to maintain the quality, they’re cruelty free and they give you free 2 years warranty!

Not to mention that each handle is made with responsibly-sourced, high-resistance wood, layered with 8 coats of primer and paint to guarantee they’re long-lasting. Look that ‘oh-so-expensive’ the handles are! Each handle has Sigma’s logo and brush’s name crafted on it.

First I got Sigma F87 Edge Kabuki Brush. It cost $ 25 or around 425.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

The F87 Edge Kabuki is dense, soft and particularly angular o ering edge to edge coverage when applying concealer, foundation or setting powder.

The unique angles allow control and precision for getting into hard to reach areas, and the flat surface is ideal for blending and placing setting powders. Also, it’s great for stamping out your highlight and contour!

You’ll get controlled coverage using the extreme edges and angle of this brush.

Second, is Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. It is Sigma’s #1 selling brush! Also, it is 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

Flat Kabuki Brush is a dense and flat head brush that can enhance your appearance. With a smooth and oil-resistant brush  texture, this brush can easily buffed foundation or any liquid/cream products to your face.

This brush cost you $25 or around 390.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

Third, is Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush. It is dense with a double wedge flat and pointed head.

This patented 3DHD Precision is a multifunctional brush. It was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle.

You’ll get this brush for $20 or 268.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

Fourth, is Sigma E40 Tappered Blending Brush. This cost $17 or 260.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

E40 Tappered Blending brush is a soft and fluffy rounded tip brush that specially designed with soft bristles, so it can help you to achieve a soft and blended crease without hurt your eyes.

Last from the individual brushes, I got E06 Winged Liner brush. This cost you $15 or 227.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

This is a small, angled shape brush that used to precise control for winged liner. I personally also using this brush to blend under eye eyeshadow.

Second round lol. I also got Sigma Basic Face Kit. It contains 5 classic face brushes you need for foundation, concealer, blush and powder in SigmaTech fibers that won't absorb and waste product.

You can get this kit for $58.1 (worth $117) or around 1.200.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

In this kit I got Sigma F30 Large Powder brush. It cost you $30 or 454.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia if you buy it individually.

F30 Large Powder Brush is a makeup that can help you apply all types of powder makeup perfectly, while blending it easily and evenly.
It is a large and soft rounded brush, and your classic must have brush if you want a flawless finishing makeup look!

Next is Sigma F50 Duo Fibre brush. This cost you $27 or 422.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

F50 Duo Fibre brush has a soft brush fiber texture that can be used to apply liquid or cream powder. It also can be used to apply blusher perfectly.

For me, this is the first time I found a blush brush that has a lightweight but also dense bristles. Most of my blush brush is lightweight one but has a so-so bristles quality. So thank God I found you, F50 :’)

Third is Sigma F50 Large Angled Contour brush. You’ll get this for $23 or around 354.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

It is your everyday classic for bronzer, contour or even blush brush, it sweep color across cheekbones for a natural look.

Sigma F50 has a fluffy, angled brush head. The bristles also is so soft, it won’t hurt your cheeks at all!

For foundation brush, I got Sigma F60. It cost you $22 or 341.000 idr in Sephora Indonesia.

Sigma F60 is great for any cream products such as foundation, primer, moisturizer and more. It has a firm and slightly tapered flat brush and give you a medium to full coverage application.

Last from the kit, this is Sigma F70 Concealer brush. You’ll get this for $14 or around 227.000 in Sephora Indonesia.

The F70 Concealer Brush features a small and slightly tapered flat brush head. Best used with cream or liquid products to conceal imperfection for maximum control and coverage.

They also can reach small areas such as around the nose and eyes perfectly.

After they sent me this much brushes, where should I place it?!

Thankfully, they also icluded Sigma Brush Cup Holder in the package <3

They sell it at $25 or around 406.000 in Sephora Indonesia.

It can keep your brushes organized on your vanity on the go with these 2 sleek storage cups that snap together for 360° protection.

So this is all I got for joining Sigma Affiliate Program. Thankyou so much Sigma!

Also, if you want and curious enought to try one (or all) of them, you can use my promote code : VIRE10 oh their website : HERE . You’ll get extra 10% discount for every product you’ve purchased!

Thanks for reading this long post lol. Hope it helps!

See you on next post, bye!



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